Skyline's Peruvian Tahiti Sunrise

Skylineís Peruvian Tahiti Sunrise is another one of our spectacular Chase Tavern Nayla Gold daughters. We have now retired Nayla and this is her last daughter. Again, she is an alpaca we would love to keep but we have another Nayla daughter and her daughter as well so we do have her genetics on the farm. Tahiti is everything we had hoped for when we bred Nayla to MFI Peruvian Magistrate. She has extremely bright fleece, incredible staple length, well-defined crimp, and 17.9 AFD. Tahitiís conformation is outstanding too. She is has great bone density and a wonderful head. This makes her the complete package. Not surprising given her genetics.

We did show Tahiti in one very competitive show - The 2016 CABA Classic - where she took a 4th in an extremely competitive class. We were happy to walk away with a ribbon! This gal is truly amazing and like most of our young females we would love to keep her, but we have to downsize our herd as we are running out of space! Our loss, your gain!

ARI #: 32821802
Date of Birth: 6/14/15
Gender: Female
Color: Med. Fawn
Sales Price: $3,000 - Bred to Celio Due 5/24/18

Sire: MFI Peruvian Magistrate (Med. Fawn)
     Grandsire: MFI Peruvian Jericho (Dark Fawn)
     Granddam: MFI Peruvian Malloria (Med. Fawn)

Dam: Chase Tavern Nayla Gold (Light Fawn)
     Grandsire: 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold 6026 (Med. Fawn)
     Granddam: PPeruvian Ollanta B4280 (Beige/White)

Micron Measurements:

Fleece Sample Date

AFD microns

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% > 30










2016 CABA Classic


FFH Med. Fawn Juvenile Females

Sire: Magistrate

2016 Fleece

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